WS907 Air Sanitizer - Black

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Safe, fresh air at your command

The Air Sanitizer uses NCCO technology that reduces air Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) with 99.6% efficiency in a 200 ft. range, and also reduces the presence of allergens and viruses. In addition to its Nano-technology filter, it sanitises the air with an ionizer and can be used at home or at work. Its stylish design and Liquid Crystal Display help it blend better in your home or work environment, and to track the progress and effectiveness of your filtration.

NCCO Air Sanitizer Performances

Kill Virus and Bacteria
Remove >99.9% Influenza Virus in 15 mins

- Remove >99.9% total Airborne Bacteria
- Remove >99.9% Fungi and Mould

Clear Odour
- Remove >99% total VOCs

Prevent Allergy
- Remove >99% RSP

Breakthrough VOC Air Quality Index and LED Indication mood light

Indicate Air Quality improvement level by:

  • Real time air quality improvement level by Digital index 20 = worst, 1 = best on the LCD display
  • LED indicating mood light - with light sensing function to adjust environment brightness. Red for dirty, green for moderate and Blue for Clean. The light display at the bottom transparent base adds the aesthetic touch to the overall device structure.

Selection of Fans Modes: Auto/High/Low/Silent

  • Allows manual adjust base on the surrounding air quality
  • Switch on Auto mode for auto fan control in response to different air quality
  • Silent mode for low power consumption (18W)

Professional Airflow Design with user-friendly interface

  • Bottom to top airflow and 360° inlet-outlet air circulation maximises the collection of pollutants on floor, and evenly releases fresh air from top
  • The device is operated solely by just 3 easy-buttons

Safe and durable filters

  • Both Nano filter and Pre-filter are secured by safety lock. Users are not able to switch on the appliance until the filters are properly installed.
  • Pre-filter is washable.
  • Nano filter lasts up to 3 years while most filters in the market only last for a year