Weather Station FAQ List


How many metres can you put the sensors away from the main unit?

Refer Instruction Manuals – between 30- 300 metres “open field”

How many sensors can you run off the weather station?

Refer Instruction Manuals – between 3-10 depending on model

Why does my weather forecaster show rain when it is sunny outside?

It is a forecaster and therefore shows the likely future weather over the next 24 – 48 hours

How accurate are they compared to my mercury thermometer?

Depends on quality of mercury thermometer but should be equally as accurate and easier to read.

Can the weather stations also pick up the Oregon rain gauge or do I need the other unit?

No – products with rain gauge function are the only models that pick up the rain gauge (nb also RG sensors are model specific)

Which station picks up the pool sensor?

All except WMR 200, 300 and RGR126N

Why doesn't the radio control clock feature work on my station/clock?

The radio transmission that carries the time information is not transmitted in Australia

Can outdoor sensors go where there is no cover? Eg, out in the garden

Standard thermo/hygro sensors (eg THN122N) are splash proof but should not be installed in full weather. RG and wind sensors as well as outdoor thermo/hygro for WMR300/200/89/86 are completely weatherproof

Can the weather stations run off rechargeable batteries?


Can the WMR300/200/89/86 be attached to a mobile campervan?

Yes, but wind direction will not operate correctly as the sensor needs to be setup to reflect true direction. Also weather forecast and barometric pressure will be affected by changes in altitude

Does the WMR300/200 come with software?

Yes, it can be downloaded from

What is the maximum for the wind speed sensor on the WMR Weather Stations?

Circa 200 km/h

Why is my wind chill reading not working?

Wind chill readings will become available when the wind is >10kmh and the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.

What version of Windows is the software compatible with?

All version up to Windows 10.

What is the max/min temp the units can handle? Will the sensor be damaged in extreme hot or cold weather? What temps can it with stand?

Sensors can read from -20°C to + 60°C. Not many areas in Australia would be affected by temperatures outside these extremes.

How do you read a graphical trend indicator? What is the purpose of having a graph?

If the arrow is pointing up the temp/humid/baro is trending higher etc. It is of general interest and allows users to track for example the barometric pressure over the past 24 hours

Do the wireless weather stations suffer interference from other wireless units? (internet, phone, etc)

Yes, all our products are classified Low Interference Potential Devices and must accept interference from other devices. Garage door openers/alarms/and other RF product may interfere with sensor transmissions

When it says the WMR200 can take "up to" ten channels does that include or exclude the sensors/rain gauge/anenometer that it comes with

It includes the Thermo Hygro sensor but excludes the RG and wind sensors

Can I use the THGR122NX sensor on the old Colour screen weather station?


Can I use the THGR122NX to replace the THGR288 with any of its compatible weather stations?


Can I replace the THN132N sensor (from the BAR339P) with the THN122N sensor?


Does the Rain Gauge (RGR126N) support additional sensors?


I have changed the batteries in the sensor and it's not picking it up, how do I fix this?

Follow the reset instructions outlined in the manual.

What is the warranty on the Oregon weather station?

1 year

Which time zone do I set my clock to?

EST (refer to manual)

How long does the WMR300/200 and 89 hold information for?

WMR300 will store data up to 3 years WMR200 will store data for 1 month at 1min recording interval and over 1 year at 15 min recording interval WMR89 will store information for 7 days

Why isn't the min/max changing at the start of each day?

Depends on model however typically Min/Max records are “cumulative” therefore if you want min/max each day you have to reset the min/max function as per instructions.

Can you get replacement parts for my station?

Yes, for sensors
No for the base units.

How long is the warranty 1 or 2 years?

1 Year

Is there a way to adjust the time on the sensor? Currently tell customers to wait till 12:00 happens and then turn the sensor on, this then makes the sensor time correct.

No user has to reset sensor at midnight

Ambient Software- Customers have had trouble with it- is there a troubleshooting guide available so we can assist them.

Go to FAQ section on

WMR500 not pairing with app

Have you performed a firmware upgrade?