Smart Globe Starry

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SmartGlobe Starry Globe brings the “entire” universe right to young adventurers’ house.

By day, this AR Globe is an interactive Earth that kids can play and learn with 3D Augmented Reality in 4 models: Animals, Landmarks, Dinosaurs and Weather. By night, it magically turns into a luminous globe, revealing 88 constellations in a starry night.

This dual mode SmartGlobe doubles the fun, and takes the kids one step further in their adventurous journey.


  • 2in1: Earth by day, 88 Constellation by night
  • AR interactive Globe: Provide a 3D live realistic Augmented Reality animation with rich contents.
  • Nearly 400 contents to explore with AR Apps: Landmarks, Animals, Dinosaurs and weather phenomenon, country flag, basic information and quiz.
  • Powered by 3x AA battery and USB power.