Smart Globe FAQ’s

SG Infinity

1. Can the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ work alone without the app?

Yes, the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ is working perfectly fine on its own. The app is a complement to the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+, providing extra fun and extra exploration activity.

2. Where can I download the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ App? Is it free of charge?

The SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ app, named “SmartGlobe™ World Adventure” can be downloaded FOR FREE, in the Apple App Store (iOS version) and Google Play (Android version).

3. What is the difference between SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ and SmartGlobe™ Horizon? Do they share the same app?

On the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+, we have added a voice recording feature, so that you can record your own content for each location on the globe. After recording, you can play back the recorded voice by touching the same location on the globe. As for the app, they are different. We have developed a completely new app for the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+, named “World Traveler”.

4. What is the Voice Recording function used for?

You can touch any location on the globe and record your own content by using the voice recording function on the SmartPen. Then, you can play back the recorded voice by touching the same location again.

5. How can I retrieve my recordings? Can I delete a specific record?

You can retrieve your recordings by touching back the location that you’ve previously recorded your voice on. And to delete a specific record, simply record a new voice on the same location. The SmartPen will then ask you to confirm that you want to delete the previous recording for that location. The new recording will overwrite the previous one.

6. What will happen when memory is full? Is there any notification when memory is full?

When the memory of your SmartPen is full, a voice message will play to let you know about the memory status.

7. How can I get updates for the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+?

You can get update for your SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ by registering your SmartPen using our dedicated PC/Mac program available for download at the following address:

8. Where can I find the access code for registration?

The access code is located inside the user manual.

9. What can I do if I lost my access code?

Please provide your user name and email address used during the registration process in order for us to retrieve your Access Code.

Customer Support:

10. What can I do if my access code is invalid?

Please contact our call centre and provide your access code. Should we be able to resolve the problem, the customer can continue to use his or her access code. If the problem cannot be resolved, then we will issue a new access code.

Customer Support :

11. How often should I update the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+? Will I be notified when updates are available?

We will update the world news section once per month, and we will also provide update every time there are some significant political or geographical changes in the world (leader update, etc…). The updates are free during one year after purchase. You will have to plug your SmartPen regularly to your PC/Mac to check if there are any new updates available.

12. Can I get updates after first year?

Yes, it is possible to continue to receive update event after the expiration of the one-year free period. Simply subscribe online using the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ software.

13. There is no response when I touch the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ with the SmartPen or the LED on the pen is flashing repeatedly. What can I do?

Please note that you may encounter some unexpected issues with the provided SD card in the Smart Pen.

Here is, in a few practical steps, the procedure to follow in order to handle the SD card under abnormal conditions (SD card being formatted by PC or contents being removed by PC & incorrect format of SD card…..etc).

1. Quick flashing red light on the pen

2. Replace the batteries inside the pen with new batteries

3. If you still experience flashing red light on the pen, plug it to your PC using a USB cable.

4. Open the Smart Globe PC/Mac software Note: the software can be downloaded/re-downloaded at the following address:

5. Re-download the desired content (selecting your language) to the pen

6. Once the content is downloaded, the pen can be used again under normal condition Note: We are using a special format and encryption in the SD card included in the Smart Pen. We strongly recommend you to avoid using the SD card in any other PC or mobile device, or to try to re-format it

14. Is the unit AC powered or battery powered?

The SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) located inside the SmartPen. If the battery level is getting too low, a voice message will play on the pen to remind you to change the batteries, and the LED on the pen will blink in red colour.

15. What should I do if the SmartGlobe™ Infinity+ software reports a connection failure and I get the following error message "Failed to connect to server? Please pull out your pen and check the Internet connection."?

Normally, a connection failure is the result of an improper cable connection or a firewall installed on the PC. Firstly, check the cable and make sure that is fully plugged into the USB port. Secondly, if the customer is using a firewall, then it is recommended to deactivate it. In certain cases, the customer may need to reboot the PC and make sure the firewall is remains deactivated.

16. How long does it take for a full download to complete?

The full download should be completed in about 30 min, depending on the Internet connection. For a dialup connection the download will take longer.

17. Can I reset the unit?

You can reset your SmartPen by inserting a small pin inside the reset hole on the pen.





Have you registered the Pen via the SG Infinity program?

(Download the software from the provided link and the registration prompt will automatically pop up)

If you have completed the above step and you have updated the pen, can you then please try the following:

1. Open PC tool, connect the PEN with PC.
2. Click the small globe at top left corner to format the Smart Pen.
3. Choose age group and language to download.


It will take about an hour for the pen to finish the download.
Then hold the ON button down for 5 sec while the pen turns on.