Smart Globe™ Air

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Smart Globe™ Air is an affordable AR education globe that brings basic geographic concepts to kids. The vivid AR animation provides fun for children, drives their interest on geography and makes learning fun. The inflatable globe comes with portable stand which makes it easy to pack up and set up again at any place.


  • PORTABLE INFLATABLE GLOBE: Easy to install , portable perfect size with 28 cm diameter , ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • EXPERIENCE 3D AR (Augmented Reality): Animals / landmarks / dinosaurs / climate / World Cuisines / Leading Universities / Tourist Attractions ( 50+ facts for each new contents). Continuous AR contents.
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Total 11 languages for App English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, native-speaker pronunciation.


Product benefits:

Smart Globe™  Air is an entry level 3D interaction globe with the most advanced 3D AR Technology to bring funs for geography learning. It is portable and ideal both for indoor and outdoor activities.  

AR (Augmented Reality) Technology

• 500+ AR interactive contents
Experience the world from the tip of your fingers. Learn about Landmarks, Animals, Dinosaurs, Climates, World Cuisines, Leading Universities, Tourist Attractions ( 50+ facts for each new contents). Continuous AR contents in a fun and interactive way!.

• Regular content updates for AR
AR interaction is a never-ending source of fascination, providing endless updates. Guess what’s next? Nature Reservoirs, World Heritage Sites, or world famous Museums?

Portable and Easy-To-Install
Inflatable globe and 3 pieces stand parts, easy to install, good for storage and outdoor activities.


Packaging Information: 

Packing Dimensions:
350mm x 200mm x 30mm
Outer carton dimension:
356mm x 356mm x 204mm
Master Pack Quantity:
10 pcs
1.325 Kg / pc