RAR213HG Bluetooth Low Energy Weather Station with Temperature & Humidity

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Weather@Home Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Weather@Home Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer combines a wireless indoor / outdoor thermometer plus humidity with the latest Bluetooth technology allowing you to also monitor your local temperature and humidity on your smart phone or tablet as well at the station itself. The Ice Alert feature also lets you know when temperatures near freezing.

The clock function automatically syncs with your phone making it always accurate and automatically updating for the start and end of British Summer Time.

View the last 7 Day History via the App
The EMR211 features the next generation Bluetooth (BLE*). The addition of Bluetooth Low Energy allows you to communicate directly with the weather station using a Smart Phone App. The App will shows you temperature and humidity in up to 5* locations with a 7 day history and a data logger all from the comfort of your Smart Phone or tablet.

Its low-latency rating and 30m transmission range means you can freely move around your house while checking the outdoor temperature and humidity, making this the perfect accessory for gardeners, motorists or those just wanting to know whether to pack an extra jumper or scarf for those days out.

Monitor your whole home via the App
Keep your family comfortable both indoors and out. The Weather@home range supports up to 5 sensors* Allowing you to monitor the temperature and humidity in up to 5 locations around your house. The living room, the baby’s room, the garden, the greenhouse or garage - put a remote sensor anywhere you like! And with a easy labelling feature it’s incredibly easy to identify the different areas in your home via the App

Additional Sensors
Please note: RAR213 can be currently paired with up to 3 x THGN132N  additional sensors sold separatly. In order to use the remaining 4th and 5th channel you need to purchase BTHGN129 . Purchasing the optional (BTHGN129) sensor also provides you additional features such as 7 day weather history, 12hr+ Weather Forecast, Barometric Pressure all viewable on your smart phone 

*This package includes one THGN132N outdoor temperature and humidity sensor only.

App Downloads:

App Store Google Play


*Hardware Requirements:
iPhone 4s (or above) or Bluetooth v4.0 enabled smart device

*Software Requirements
iOS 5 (or above) or Android 4.3 (or above)

  • Weather information display on main unit or mobile app via Bluetooth® v4.0 connectivity
  • Transmission range up to 30m
  • Indoor temperature and humidity with trends
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity with trends (up to 5 Channels)*
  • Daily Hi/Lo memory for in/outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Ice alert
  • LED backlight
  • Data logger
  • Sync time from app
  • 7 day weather history viewable from App
  • Additional data from App (with corresponding optional weather sensor): 12hr+ Weather
  • Forecast & Pressure 

    *This package includes one outdoor temperature and humidity sensor only